The Best Family Holidays in South Africa

The best option for most families usually involves a combination of everything to keep your senses excited and your kids happy. The top place in the country for a family South Africa holiday would be the Cape and the famous Garden Route. If you want to spend some quality time relaxing on some of the areas many fantastic beaches, the ideal time to travel would be in South African summer (from mid-November to early March). Of course it’s also worth bearing in mind December and January are the peak months of travel in South Africa, so book your holiday early to guarantee the best availability, or if you can delay till February, that’s even better.

Most travellers will start their South Africa adventure in Cape Town, which is one of the world’s most spectacular and accessible cities. Spend at least three nights here to take advantage of the many local attractions, the pick of the bunch being taking the cable-car up Table Mountain (choose a clear day), visiting Boulders Beach where you can swim with penguins, taking a drive to scenic Cape Point, or hitting the shops on the Victoria and Alfred waterfront.

Just outside the city limits lie the lush wine valleys where most of South Africa’s famous vintages are grown and bottled. This may not be the most exciting stop for the children, so you could just make it a day trip on your way to towards the garden route and the rest of your South Africa holiday. As you move east you can choose to visit Hermanus for a chance to spot some of the whales that visit the coast year round (peak season is June to October). Moving further inland the quirky town of Oudtshoorn is definitely worth a stop, with the nearby Cango Caves and Cango wildlife ranch a great place to pet cheetahs and feed ostriches.

Knysna and Plettenberg will be next on most visitors’ maps, which one you choose is up to you. If you prefer a more lively town with plentiful restaurant options and things going on, Knysna is the place for you. If you would like somewhere a little quieter with a great beach on your doorstep, Plett needs to be on your list. In the local area Tsitsikamma National Park is a rugged coastline wilderness with great walks and nearby Nature’s Valley provides a spectacular lagoon and sandy beach.

On from there, Jeffrey’s Bay makes a good stop for any budding surfers or body-boarders before you reach one of South Africa’s top wildlife reserves in the Eastern Cape. The Addo Elephant National Park is the second biggest park in South Africa behind the Kruger, and gets its name from the huge herds of elephants that roam the area. The park is worth a visit on your South Africa holiday because it provides you with the opportunity to take safari drives in your own rental vehicle which can be a very exciting and rewarding experience.

To the north east of Port Elizabeth lie a number of smaller private parks that provide more luxurious safari options, if you are willing to fork out a little more of course. In the case of a South Africa safari however, you do get what you pay for, and it may be worth stretching your budget a little further to make it a trip of lifetime. What you will get is game drives with trained and experienced rangers, spectacular lodges and accommodation, and gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will highly increase your chance of spotting some or all of the Big 5 while also learning all about the African bush. A great way to end a memorable family adventure holiday to South Africa.

10 Tips for a Successful Holiday Trip

Are you planning to spend the holidays somewhere exotic? If so, you must be aware that traveling during this time of the year can be really busy, extremely expensive and very stressful. There are bonuses though such as flight deals and freebies if you know how to carefully plan ahead.

Here are top 10 ways to ensure a successful holiday travel:

· Book your flight early.

If you book at least two months ahead, there is a big chance that you can get the best seats and the most affordable tickets. Never wait for any late-breaking flight ticket discount sale, because that is simply not going to happen during the holidays. It is best if you can be flexible about flight date and time schedule as well.

· Pick the best travel dates and schedules.

Setting off the day before the holiday is a big no-no, but flying on the very day can be a very good idea. On Christmas day, most people will already be at their destinations, therefore, only a few will be flying that day. If you book your flight for that day, you can expect highly affordable plane tickets. Choosing an early morning flight or a late night one is also recommended especially during weekdays. Those are the flights that are usually being offered at highly discounted rates.

· Try to shop around the web before booking your flight.

There are many travel websites that offer special holiday travel deals. These websites are created for a simple purpose, to provide travelers with easy to access travel options. Therefore it is best if you can take advantage of such great offers. But, do not book on the first site you encounter. It is good to shop around a bit so that you compare rates and services.

· Check for alternate airports.

This can really make a difference if you are traveling this holiday. Some airport will surely be jam-packed and if your target airport is one of them, then search for an alternative. Instead of going for the main airport, why not opt for a smaller one; they may have fewer flights but they also have fewer delays.

· Manage your connecting flights well.

This can be done by making sure that there is sufficient time between your connecting flights. Tight connecting schedules can really stress you out.

· Be an early bird.

You wouldn’t want to miss your flight or take longer than necessary at the security check-in line, do you? Therefore, it is important to leave as early as two hours ahead to make sure that you have enough time to be at the airport and go through security ahead of the rest of the passengers.

· Pack only the essentials.

Avoid over packing especially if you are only going away for the weekend. It would be best if you can put all your outfits along with your essentials into one bag. That way you get to avoid paying for check-in baggage.

· Do not bring prohibited items.

You will not be allowed to bring over 3.4 ounces of liquid or gel items in your carry-on. So if you want to bring a big bottle of perfume, better put that in your check-in baggage.

· Pack extras for kids.

If you are traveling with kids it is best if you have extra everything, from diapers, to snacks, to formula bottles, to sanitized wipes.

· Keep a smile on your face.

Finally, a holiday travel can be really successful if you can keep that smile all the time. A smile eases the pressure of the holiday travel rush.

Holiday Trips And Personal Bankruptcy

Maintaining a strict budget is one of the most effective ways top avoid personal bankruptcy. At this time of the year especially, it become impetrative that we keep a close watch on our spending. This advice applies in equal force to those who celebrate the holidays and those who do not. Every consumer at this time stands the risk of over-shooting his budget.

Travel agencies around the world are having their best time of the year during this season. Holiday’s resorts have started experiencing increasing patronages. Tourist centers around the globe are welcoming more and more tourists seeking adventure at this time. Some friend of mine are already set for the pacific island of Hawaii, the highest point on earth. It’s exciting and the feeling can be great!

These activities undeniably make life more fulfilling and satisfactory, but they must be kept in their proper place. They should not alter our budgets unnecessarily. A good number of families do not plan for these activities early enough. Thus, their budget did not take care of it. Note that it could spell financial doom to take holiday trip without advanced planning. Trips many a time, involves much more than what we see on the surface. Therefore, to be financially safe, there must be provision for contingencies. This requires adequate planning. All would want to come back home with best of souvenirs; these can cost a substantial amount.

It is a course of wisdom that you do not borrow to finance holiday trip. Better still to desist if you can’t afford to pay before departure or soon thereafter. And please do not go simply because your friends are going. Its wise and financially responsible to shelve your plan to a time you are better equips for it. You can start now to plan for your trip next year. Read more about the place and people you want to visit. This will give you a mental image of the place and its people. This knowledge in turn, will make you visit more rewarding when you eventually visit.

To avoid personal bankruptcy, consumers must beware of advertisers. They are well aware that some employees are better financed this time around. Many organizations pay their staff and allow them enough time to enjoy the holidays. With many companies already shut down factories for the holiday’s season, advertisers quickly come to your living and bedroom to offer their ranges of exotic and irresistible products. They promise fun and good time out there even when you are not taken any trip. Note that they are “watching” your pocket. Would you use all your arrears to finance the “holiday projects?” that’s food for thought!

Top Holiday Destinations in Mumbai

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Who would not long to enjoy an exciting holiday trip which gives a lovely visual treat to your eyes? A pleasure filled travel which releases your stress is everybody’s dream! If you are planning to visit or enjoy your weekend in Mumbai, then you cannot afford to miss to visit the wonderful nearby holiday spots it has. Listed below are some great travel destinations around Mumbai

Bhandardara – An exotic Romantic spot!

Yes, it has all the elements for a romantic couple to enjoy to the fullest. Just a short journey of 3 hours from Mumbai, you are here. A gorgeous hill station sloping over the Sahyadris Mountains, Chilled climate almost all the time in the year is a specialty of this place. However, you can avoid coming here on summer, between May to September. Bhandardara is draped with a lovely lake having fantastic luxury resorts studded on its banks with all the amenities. Here you can avail a wonderful boat ride with your mate to explore the scenic spark of this place. Fishing, trekking and bird watching are some other interesting tourist attractions of Bhandardara.

Aurangabad – Where you meet the History!

Gardens, shopping destinations, national park, bird sanctuary, temple, palace, art gallery etc are a few must visit spots that add color to Aurangabad. It is just 368 kms, around 6 hours from Mumbai. The best time to visit here is in between October and March. Aurangabad is situated in Maharashtra and named after Aurangzeb. The city is studded with lots of historical monuments. The gorgeous Bani Begum garden is a wonderful spot of leisure. Ghrishneshwar temple made of red rocks is another eye- catching place to visit. The most talked Ellora caves are just 30 kms from Aurangabad. The Ellora caves own the world’s most envious sculpture- the Kailash temple.

Malshej Ghats – Adventure filled!

Do you know this most adventurous holiday spot is located 700m altitude above the sea level? The nature’s splendid art has indeed touched this place in a wonderful way. A truly and great must see spot for all you adventurous people out there. Malshej Ghats is situated 122kms from Mumbai, around 2 hour journey. You can enjoy to the fullest when you visit here between October to March. During monsoon, the scenic beauty is at its heights when misty clouds touch the mountains. The rare view of the Siberian migrated birds in the dense woods of this place is an added attraction. Harishchandragad Fort is a best option for trekking. You can also see temple of lord Vishnu in this fort. The Sahyadris Mountains, Joga Dam, Flamingo birds and its thick forests are just the assets of Malshej Ghats, a fascinating place to explore!