Luxury Holidays in Vietnam Can Feature Many Kinds of Highlights

There are a variety of different luxury holidays that can be held throughout all of Vietnam. Many of these holidays can include trips to a variety of different destinations around all of Vietnam. These trips can feature a variety of different features for anyone to enjoy, from the rich culture in the cities to beautiful islands in the north.

These highlight trips will allow people to travel into several spots in Vietnam. A holiday travel firm can prepare a series of stops with people traveling to different sites in the country and staying in a variety of different places. The travel and accommodation needs that one will require on a holiday like this will be covered in the expenses paid for the holiday.

Many holidays in Vietnam can include stops in several areas. For example, many luxury holidays will start or end in one of the main cities of Vietnam. These include places like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Stops in these cities can include bicycle tours of the cities, visits at many historic sites and special events at all sorts of local spots. These include music performances and special dining events among several other things.

There are also some stops that can feature highlights involving exploring beautiful natural sites around Vietnam. These include the beautiful waters of Halong Bay, the impressive villages of the Red Dao people and the Forbidden City in Hue. The floating market at the Mekong Delta can be an exciting place to visit as well. All of these highlights are places that people must see when they come to Vietnam. A luxury travel plan can cover these places.

Many exciting physical activities can be experienced as well. Some of these activities can include rafting or kayaking activities. These include activities around Halong Bay or hiking around the Mekong Delta. The scenery is often spectacular and many tourists return year after year.

A good thing about luxury holidays like these is that people can get into various different great accommodations. Guests on these highlight trips can choose from a variety of different kinds of hotels. These include a number of quality five star hotels.

These highlight trips in Vietnam will offer a variety of different things for people to enjoy. They will show a variety of different things that will be enjoyable and fun for anyone to get into. They include several different attractive things for all people to have fun with.

Vietnam Luxury Travel Packages

What is the difference between Top luxury Vietnam vacation Packages and other Vietnam luxury travel packages? With a philosophy: Travel is not just about visiting and ticking off the sights on your travel map, but travel is about experiencing. Therefore, Top luxury Vietnam vacation packages offer the perfect combination of indoor Vietnam luxury travel services and outdoor experience on real Vietnamese daily life, stunning landscapes, culture, history…

It is not a good idea to fly thousands of kms to Vietnam and see Vietnam through the windows of 5 star hotels. Therefore, the perfect combination will make your Vietnam vacations unforgettable with the sense of ultimate luxury travel and real experience on Vietnamese life, history and culture. The top luxury Vietnam packages have all amazing Vietnam destinations. Visiting those destinations is done uniquely: For example, explore romantic and charming Hanoi on cycling tour. Discover amazing Halong Bay by luxury 4 or 5 star cruises. The quality of Halong bay cruises is the same as the quality of 4 or star hotels on land. Visit fascinating Sapa by the best trains in South East Asia like express trains. Discover life of local people on Mekong river by luxury 5 star cruises…

Surely, luxury Vietnam vacation packages will highlight your lifetime luxury travel. To have more information about Vietnam destinations and Vietnam vacation packages, please talk with experienced Vietnam trip advisors. To make your Vietnam vacations unforgettable, please give your interests and your requests to them. We are at your hands to mark the highlights of your lifetime travel.

Asia Travel Seeing Vietnam by Train

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No matter where a person may go, seeing the country while traveling by train is spectacular. When traveling by train the traveler can sit back and relax and let someone else do the driving. For longer trips, the travel can spend a little more money and get a sleeping accommodations. Trains usually provide a dining car or someplace to purchase snacks and a drink. From the train a traveler can see sights that they wouldn’t be able to see when travel by car or plane. This article is about Asia travel through Vietnam on a train.

Traveling by train can be one of the cheapest ways to travel. When traveling in Vietnam, the traveler has a choice of trips that they can take by train as they do their Asia travel. All trips listed leave out of Hanoi and travel to different destinations throughout Vietnam. One trip leaves Hanoi and travels to Lao Cal with final destination being in Sapa. Another leaves Hanoi and travels through Haiphong with its final destination in Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. Another train goes from Hanoi through several towns with final destination in Saigon. All of these train have sleeper accommodations for the travelers relaxation. Some of these train trips take less time than flying since they don’t have to wait in crowded airports waiting for their flights or for their baggage to be unloaded. In fact when traveling from Hanoi to Hue City, the traveler can leave Hanoi in the evening and arrive in Hue City in the morning refreshed and ready to see the sights.

No matter what train trip the traveler chooses to take in their Asia travel across Vietnam they are going to see some spectacular sights. Reportedly there are many sights to see between Hanoi and Saigon. One of the most spectacular sights that the traveler will see as they travel through the Vietnam countryside is the views along the Hai Van Pass. As they go through this pass the traveler can see the beautiful bays and islands that make up coast line between Hue and Danang. As they travel through this part of their journey to Saigon, the train starts to climb into the hills that lead into the mountains. During this part of the journey, passengers are allowed to sit atop the train and enjoy the view as the train slowly winds through the mountain

10 Best Ideas for Winter Holiday Trips

Winter is here! Have you made your holiday plans yet? If not, check out these winter holiday ideas. Make sure too that you have bought winter sports travel insurance before leaving so that you’ll be protected against any unexpected expenses that you may incur while you are on vacation.

Harbin Ice Festival

Fly to Harbin, China to enjoy the sights and activities of the 2014 Harbin Ice Festival. Be captivated by the massive and colourful structures sculpted out of huge blocks of ice created by artists from all over the world. Check out the Ice Lantern Show at night, or watch performances on the frozen Songhua River. You can also explore the Siberian Tiger Park, or watch polar animals in Polarland.


If you don’t want to leave Europe, then consider going to JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden and visit the Icehotel. As you would expect, this hotel is made entirely of ice. This is perfect for people who will be travelling with their partners, or even those planning to get hitched. Don’t worry though, as you’ll be provided thermal underwear and sleeping bags at night. And you’ll love how you’ll be transported from the airport to the hotel – either through a snowmobile or a dog sled.

Laponie Ice Driving

Want to try your driving skills on ice? Head to Arjeplog, Sweden and drive luxury cars like Porsche, Subaru Impreza or Lamborghini Gallardo at the Laponie Ice Driving clubhouse. Your winter sports travel insurance policy could come handy if you choose to take this path.

Dog Sled Race

Fond of canines racing on ice? The 1,000 mile international sled dog race to be held on February in Fairbanks, Alaska should be on top of your travel plans. You can travel to Yukon, Alaska and be a witness to this one-of-a-kind race.


Travel to the heart of Iceland and experience snowkiting, an outdoor winter sport wherein kites help you glide on snow or ice. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, then how about spending a day or two in a virgin winter landscape, learning survival skills during the winter, trying out ice fishing, and even catching the Northern Lights?


Cruising during the winter is fun and educational, as you can see various animals like leopard seals and penguins. You can also enjoy activities like dog sledding and snowmobile safaris.

Whale Watching

If you prefer to be in a tropical climate, head to the Philippines and engage in whale watching. Whale sharks often troop to the waters of Sorsogon province in central Philippines starting December.

Visit Hawaii

Or you can head to Hawaii, a long-time favourite destination in the Pacific. Aside from obviously lounging around the beach, you can do other activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Adventure and Sand in Cambodia

Of course, you can go to Cambodia to visit the mind-blowing ancient temples of Siam Reap. But you can also enjoy a lot of sand in this Southeast Asian country. Check out Song Saa Private Island, a luxurious beach resort which has the country’s first protected marine area.

Head to Thailand

While you’re in the Southeast Asian region, visit Thailand and enjoy its numerous tourist activities. See the 200-year old Grand Palace, the breathtaking Golden Triangle, and get up close and personal with elephants. But before heading there, make sure you have a winter sports travel insurance with you to protect you against unforeseen expenses.