Destination Majorca Holiday Today

Destination Majorca

Nestled in the Mediterranean and receiving over 300 days of sun per year Majorca is a fabulous holiday destination. It has also been a point of contention for much of its history. First inhabited as early as 6000 BC it has seen its share of blood shed over the years, as it has been occupied by the Arabians, the Romans and most recently the Spanish, and the tourist.

Historical Aspects of Majorca

There is too much history to see in one trip, thus many people end up returning to pick up where they left off. Majorca is home to one of the only circular castles in Europe, Bellver castle, Palma Cathedral, and El Diablo castle. Each place holding its own set of treasures and adventures. Along with the large famous tourist destinantions there are also thousands of miles of roads winding through many historic small villages. Majorca is a perfect place to explore.

Getting to Majorca

Their are daily flights from many European cities to Palma. The modern airport of Son San Joan is close to the tourist areas in Palma. Arrivals and departures will usually get a fabulous view of the Palma Cathedral. Travelers from the US will most likely want to catch a flight from London or Amsterdam.

If you are looking for a package holiday or a globetrotting adventure Majorca is the place for you. You can spend your days exploring the highlands, relaxing on the beach, flying high on a kite board, or sleeping off a hangover after partying until dawn. There is something for everyone on Majorca and a reason that people keep coming back for Majorca Holidays.